Our Story


Our Journey At La Table d'Emma

La Table d’Emma serves an authentic blend of Alsace traditions and classic French cuisine. A 130-seat haven that transcends being just a restaurant, La Table d’Emma stands as a jubilant celebration of love, an homage to Chef Michael’s cherished wife and daughters, and a testament to a life devoted to the art of Alsatian cuisine


Meet The Visionary Behind The Flavors At La Table d'Emma

La Table d’Emma is the fulfilment of Chef Michael Muller’s vision to bring authentic Alsatian cuisine to Singapore. Initially honing his skills at One-Starred Le Jules Verne in France, his first experience with Singapore was as the Executive Chef of Jaan, now a Two Michelin Starred restaurant located on the 70th floor of Swissotel. He then refined his expertise in management of multiple upscale dining concepts, first as the Executive Sous Chef for Fairmont, then as the Director of Culinary Standards for Resorts World.

In more recent times, he has paired his role as the Asia Pacific Executive Chef for Meta with activities in Bocuse d’Or, serving as a coach to train the next generation of fine dining chefs. A-last, he has founded La Table d’Emma, his very own French Alsatian Restaurant where he hopes to increase recognition for Alsatian cuisine in Singapore and also as a homage to his family

La Table d’Emma – A reflection of values, mission, and purpose

Named after Chef Michael’s beloved wife, Emma, the restaurant embodies the essence of La table d’amis, or “the friends’ table” in French. La Table d’Emma aims to provide a warm, inviting environment where guests can share meals, create lasting memories, and build connections

The butterfly in the logo symbolises transformation and represents the potential within each individual, reminding us of the opportunity to transform our hearts and minds when we come together over a meal. For Chef Michael, this motif also holds sentimental value, harking back to his childhood home adorned with butterflies.