Embark On A Flavourful Journey With Tarte Flambée!

Dive Into The Delicious World Of Tarte Flambée, Alsace’s Beloved Gem, Right Here At La Table d’Emma! Known In The Local Tongue As ‘Flammekueche’, This Dish Is A Flavor-Packed Tribute To Alsatian Culinary Wonders, Creatively reimagined To Dazzle Your Taste Buds.

Share The Joy!

La Table d’Emma Is More Than A Restaurant; It’s A Gathering Place Where Memories Are Made. Invite Your Loved Ones To Join In The Celebration Of Flavors.

La Table d’Emma’s



For One Special Month, Every Table At La Table D’emma Enjoys A Complimentary Tarte Flambée

Dive Into Tradition With A Twist!

Our Salute To Alsatian Conviviality. This Is Your Exclusive Invitation To Revel In Our Expanded Menu, Featuring Both Beloved Classics And Bold New Variations.

Cheers To Shared Delights!

Once A Partner To Schnapps, Tarte Flambée Now Dances With Alsatian Wines At Our Table, Weaving Tales Of Joy And Camaraderie. Gather Your Squad, Raise A Glass, And Dive Into This Communal Feast That Promises Laughter And Bonding.

Feasting Together Is More Fun!

Tarte Flambée Is Not Just A Dish; It’s An Invitation To Connect. Whether You’re A Fork-And-Knife Aficionado Or A Hands-On Hero, There’s A Slice Of Joy For Everyone. From The Classic Charmer To The Adventurous Forest And Gratinated Delights, Get Ready To Explore A World Of Flavors!

The Magic Behind The Crust

Witness The Symphony Of A Thin, Crispy Crust Harmonizing With A Luscious Crème Fraîche And Fromage Blanc Melody, Adorned With The Smoky Notes Of Bacon, The Sweet Whispers Of Onions, And A Dash Of Seasoning. Each Tarte Flambée, Kissed By The Flames Of A Wood-Fired Oven, Is A Masterpiece Waiting To Be Savored.

Exciting News For All Food Enthusiasts!

La Table D’emma Is Thrilled To Announce An Upcoming Expansion To Our Beloved Tarte Flambée Menu.

Meets Heritage

With A Nod To Tradition And A Leap Towards Innovation, La Table D’emma Is Set To Redefine The Tarte Flambée. Picture A Canvas Of Crispy, Thin Crust, Ready To Be Adorned With Your Favorite Flavors, From The Heartwarmingly Familiar To The Excitingly Novel. Whether You Crave The Comfort Of Cheese Or The Zest Of Seasonal Specialties, We’re Preparing To Serve It All.

A New Twist
On Tradition

Imagine Savoring A Tarte Flambée That Goes Beyond The Traditional Alsatian Experience. At La Table D’emma, We’re Crafting A Future Where Each Bite Offers More Than Just Taste; It’s A Journey. Our New Concept Will Blend The Cherished Classic With A Dash Of The Unexpected, Using Local, Seasonal, And Premium Ingredients To Surprise And Satisfy Your Palate.

Stay Tuned For
The Unveiling

This Is Just A Taste Of What’s To Come. Keep An Eye On Our Website And Be The First To Experience The New Wave Of Tarte Flambée At La Table D’emma, Where Tradition Dances With Innovation In The Most Delicious Way. Get Ready For A Celebration Of Flavors That Promises To Enchant Your Senses And Connect You With The Vibrant Local Food Scene.